7 Tips For Choosing Comfortable Housing To Live In

Choosing the right housing is something that you need to pay attention to, especially with your partner. One of the tips so that you don’t regret choosing the house is to use rebates. You and your partner can use the NJ Home Buyer Rebate when buying a house to get a discount that suits you.

Dwelling is not just any dwelling, we need personal selection so that we get the right choice. Many people are not observant in choosing a house in a housing so that it leads to regret. Yes, regret comes when I know that the surrounding environment is inadequate, prone to flooding, landslides, and not safe. Not a few also regret that over time, the distance between home and places such as offices, schools, and other places feels far away. Not to mention when realizing that the distance is not accommodated by public transportation.

From now on, know the 7 criteria that you should know with your partner when buying a house. The 7 criteria include:

– Safety Criteria
Considering that the location is not a catchment area, agricultural processing, production forest, factory waste disposal area, building free area in the airport area, the area under the high voltage electricity network.

– Health criteria
Consider that the location is not an area that has air pollution above the threshold, surface water pollution, and deep groundwater.

– Comfort Criteria
Ease of achievement (accessibility), ease of communication (internal/external, direct or indirect), ease of activity (environmental infrastructure, and facilities are available).

– Beauty Criteria
Greening, maintaining existing topographical and environmental characteristics, for example, not leveling hills, enclosing the entire marsh or lake/river/times, and so on.

– Flexibility Criteria
Considering the possibility of physical growth/expansion of the housing environment that is associated with the physical condition of the environment and the integration of infrastructure.

– Distance Affordability Criteria
Considering the ideal distance for people to walk as environmental users towards the placement of environmental facilities and infrastructure.

– Criteria for Environmental Identity
Consider the relationship with the socio-cultural character of the local community, especially contextual aspects of the local traditional/local environment.

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