A Broken Laptop Can Still Be Beneficial For Its Owner

Generally damaged laptops provide a dilemma for their owners. This is because actually a damaged laptop is still beneficial. Not to mention the old data in mind even though it is too expensive to fix it. However, if you want to repair it with good quality at an affordable price, we suggest you go to Computer Repair Tulsa.

But you don’t need to worry. These are some ways to use broken laptops:

Made it into a PC screen

If the broken LCD, hinges, keyboard, or other external parts, you can make it a monitor screen only. Simply capitalize on the Bluetooth keyboard and you already have a PC at home.

Turn it into an external hard drive

Even though your laptop is damaged, its hard drive can still be useful. Take the hard drive and use it as an external hard drive. You need to add a little to the cost of the case.

Sell the parts

In the worst case, you can sell your laptop parts. Whether it’s the screen, the motherboard, the memory, and so on. Don’t forget to delete the data on your hard drive.

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