British Visa Test

Immigrants in the UK who want to obtain British citizenship status are now required to take a written test organized by the government. The test material that was tested for every participant in the exam was about the living arrangements of the British people. This test is like what is being followed by immigrants in London, England, recently. Examinees are offered 24 optional questions that must be completed within 45 minutes of the exam. While the test questions included knowledge of Queen Elizabeth, English dialects, and emergency telephone numbers in England. The language test is also important for every spouse who wants to apply to a visa need to pass the b1 english test.

To take the citizenship status test, each test participant is charged a fee. However, if the participant fails the test, it is permissible to repeat at no charge. Some participants agreed with the test. Meanwhile, the test does not guarantee that someone who passes the test will be a good British citizen. Previously, the concept of citizenship tests had become a controversy during the reign of Margareth Thatcher. At that time, Thatcher’s close aides suggested the need for knowledge tests about cricket. Because someone can not be said to be English if they do not understand and are proud of the sport.

Many people want to live in the UK for many reasons but health insurance in the UK is something that many people want to get. Learning from the experience of other countries, in the UK health insurance covered by the government is also called the National Health Service. This health insurance is fully funded and managed by the government nationally. However, the nature of the management is partly funded by contributions from compulsory labor (including in the informal sector) and employers. Whereas the distribution of funds through the state budget which is largely sourced from general tax (tax-funded). But like mentioned before you need to pass several tests before you could get citizenship of the UK.

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