Build A Treehouse

If your yard is large enough and there are trees there, why don’t you try building a treehouse? Building a treehouse is sure to be a joyful moment because you can do it with other family members and can be used together. Don’t forget to use one man and a brush to make the treehouse you make more beautiful. To build a treehouse is not difficult. Here are some things you can do:

• Select Tree
The first thing to do is to determine or choose the right tree. Choose a tree that is large, sturdy, and quite tall. Make sure the tree you choose is not adjacent to other trees that are obstructions.

The tree that you choose must also have leaves that grow thick in all seasons so that the house you build can always be comfortable to occupy at any time.

• Create Tree House Designs and Concepts
After determining the right tree, then make the treehouse design that you want. Adjust the design and concept of the house with the condition of the tree.

Calculate the size, size, and height of the house according to the condition of the tree. If it is felt that several branches interfere you may cut the branch. However, make sure that cutting the branches does not affect the strength of the tree.

Remember do not rely on the strength of the main branch or trunk. If you want to build a strong and sturdy tree house, make a weight barrier or other construction of wood. However, it is possible, you can also choose steel or reinforced concrete for construction.

• Treehouse Materials
Choose wood material to build a treehouse material. Wood is chosen because it is lightweight and easily formed into a home. So that the house lasts longer, choose high-quality wood that is quite flexible and strong in the face of seasonal changes. So that wood from a house is not attacked by termites before, first, coat it with an anti-termite and mold coating.

• Access and Finishing Stairs
After the construction has been installed, make a ladder for access. This ladder will facilitate the process of building a treehouse. When the stairs are ready, continue to make the floor of the house and just install the walls and roof according to your design.

To make the house construction stronger, support it by using an iron floor that is fastened with other branches close to it. Your house in the tree is ready to be occupied.

There is a fantasy that makes you happy. This method is also quite effective to get closer to nature. Indirectly can be a media to teach children to love and care more for the environment and take a break from the dense of activity.

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