Do You Want To Know More About Rick And Morty Cartoon Series?

A lot of millennials from various countries love “Rick and Morty”. The weird main protagonist of this cartoon series cannot be explained easily. In essence, scientists who hate other people have grandchildren who have below-average intelligence. Both are adventuring in all kinds of universes. There is a tinge of nihilism in this animated series, but it is precisely pessimism and nihilism that make us feel relieved when watching it. You can also watch it on viooz.

“Rick and Morty” often present abusive or violent content, and the depiction of family dynamics in the series is a disturbing reversal of the ideal family. The audience never expected the figures of Beth and Jerry to reconcile. We tend to think ‘just divorced, already’ for the good of the children and themselves. The theme of this cartoon series can make those who watch so resigned.

However, this animated series was not only successful as a cult hit but also managed to reap financial benefits. For young male viewers, “Rick and Morty” gets the highest rating compared to any television series that airs in its first season. When the television network began to aggressively market the third season, which will be released in the near future, the series became more famous, to the point that there was a Rick shaped body van traveling around the United States, selling well-selling merchandise — fans were willing to queue for hours.

There are many answers to the question of why this animated series was such a success, but there is no satisfying answer. What is clear, with all the disasters (politics and nature) that occur throughout the world, the usually effective jokes are no longer effective in entertaining an anxious audience. That is why “Rick and Morty” with a combination of sickening brutality and unusual kindness, is considered to be presenting something new.

This animated series is the hard work of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, who often turns the cliches of the science fiction genre into various strange and hypnotizing plots. Harmon’s expertise in dispensing the sitcom formula is a good reason to watch the Community series which unfortunately lacks appreciation.

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