Facts About Portable Toilets You Don’t Know!

As we know, toilets are generally used as a means of disposal of human waste which is then accommodated and distributed to septic tanks for later treatment and decomposition. Not much different from toilets in general, portable toilets also have the same work system, the only difference is the size or material of the toilet builders. This toilet has a smaller size and is made of lightweight material so it is easy to move. The EZ Porta Potty Rental toilet is usually found in a public location that is crowded with visitors. Portable toilets have almost the same facilities as home toilets that we usually use.

Equipped with very complete features, you can find a sink, toilet, and urinal on this portable toilet. With a very luxurious design through a combination of ceramic and wood materials, this portable toilet is ready to be the right solution for those of you who plan to hold events with a VIP guest list. Portable toilets are quite eco-friendly. Every year portable toilets reduce the use of freshwater by 45 billion gallons. Besides, portable toilets also use 90% less water than conventional toilets. Unlike conventional toilets which were first made in 1596, the first new portable toilets were used around the 1940s in World War II where portable toilets were indispensable due to frequent movements of military bases.

The small size does not eliminate the necessity of a toilet such as a septic tank as a place to store human waste and its processing. Portable toilets also have a septic tank below. There are 2 types of septic tanks in this toilet, which are temporary storage holes that need to be drained (vacuumed) with regular time. And secondly, the septic tank pit is connected to the available drainage, so there is no need for drainage. Portable toilets must also be kept clean like toilets that we usually use at home. Even because this toilet is used for the general public, this toilet should get more attention for its cleanliness.

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