Feeding Techniques For Your Baby

Feeding the baby seems a bit troublesome. It needs its own technique, so that babies who are not yet skilled at eating, can enjoy eating safely and comfortably. Don’t let him choke and spit out all his food. You can make baby food by using baby food maker.

Sitting in front of the baby when feeding. Look at his eyes, invite him to talk, and make sure that he is ready to be fed.

Concentrate. Don’t make it a habit to place toys near baby feeding areas or feed them in front of the television. This will interfere with the baby learning to concentrate to chew and swallow properly, you also need to concentrate when feeding him.

Start a little first. Even if you use a small spoon that tends flat, but feed the tip of the spoon first. If you are skilled in eating, then you add little by little.

Position the food in the mouth correctly. Put a little food on the tip of the spoon, enter the food until it is about touching the middle of the roof of his mouth. Usually, the baby closes his mouth and swallows immediately.

Prepare water for drinking. It can be a small bowl for scooping, can also be used specifically for babies. usually, after eating, the baby immediately wants to drink.

No need to spend. We, often worry that babies are malnourished, forcing us to feed them in large quantities. In fact, with a small stomach, usually, a one-year-old child only needs about one full tablespoon for one meal. As his age increases, the portion of his meal will also increase.

If necessary, you still feed the baby the first time by feeding him. So, the food that is presented to the baby is completely gone and goes into the baby’s stomach, not exhausted because many are spilled when the baby feeds himself. Remember, optimal baby feeding depends not only on what the food is, but also how, when, where, and who is feeding the baby first.

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