Shower Base From Anzzi Are Ideal Tools For Bathroom With Many Variance Models

Anzzi shower bases are the ideal complement to soak and whirlpool bathtubs and adds extra functionality to the bathroom by enabling homeowners to separate the bath from the shower area. Generally made from durable highly-finished acrylic and other non-porous materials, shower pans do not allow soapy water, dirt or germs to pass through their surface and cause damage to the floor beneath it. Additional protection and durability is provided by the inclusion of a stainless steel drain which inhibits corrosion and potential plumbing problems in the future. The base is also easy to maintain and clean.

Anzzi shower bases come in a wide range of models, which are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit most of the bathroom designs in modern homes. The three most popular styles include the standard single entry which has one entry point, double entry which comes with two entry points and the diamond or triangular-shaped model which can be conveniently installed in the corner of the room. These fixtures are available in a variety of color choices which ensure that each design will blend well with the rest of the bathroom decor. Each model comes in a kit form for easy setup and installation.

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