Some Things That Should Not Be Missed In Minimalist Bathroom Design

Minimalist bathroom designs often confuse some people who have small bathrooms. The arrangement of furniture, placement of golden elite deco and the selection of decorations in the bathroom also becomes a challenge when it comes to minimalist bathroom designs. Is it true that minimalist bathroom design is difficult to do? Here are some ways you can do in minimalist bathroom design.

Reduce Wall Shelf Placement
The use of too many wall shelves will make the bathroom room will be increasingly narrow. Then what is the solution? Because the minimalist bathroom design eliminates the use of wall shelves, hangers, displays in its placement, the solution is you can use one bathroom vanities to put toiletries to be neater and not scattered about. Keep in mind so as not to over store.

Having bathroom vanities to place various toiletries does not mean you have to fill the whole place. You still have to leave some room in vanity and don’t let it be filled.

Use a Large Mirror
When doing a minimalist bathroom design, then you need to pay attention to the broad impression that you can create. For example, you can use a large mirror in the bathroom to create the effect of a wider space than before.

How to place a mirror that you can do is to put it in a position near the sink or shower tub bathroom. You can also put it on the bathroom vanity so that if you store some items that are commonly used after bathing.

Bathroom Floor Design and Structuring
Also, pay attention to the arrangement of the bathroom floor when you do a minimalist bathroom design. You can use natural floor colors like white or navy blue to be placed in the bathroom.

Remember! Also, adjust the color of the bathroom floor with the color of the walls and furniture that you put in it. The color harmony between the bathroom floor and wall color will make the atmosphere more beautiful and comfortable. Then how to arrange a good wall?

All you can do is to use a large bathroom floor. In this way, the bathroom will feel more spacious. In addition, you can also place tiles or tiles diagonally. This way is also a trick to make the bathroom feel more spacious and spacious.

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