Tricks That You Can Use To Watch Movies Become More Economical

As technology advances in the field of film, film streaming services are also mushrooming. An example is the free online movie streaming sites that provides hundreds of films to watch free of charge. However, this also does not make customers reluctant to watch in the cinema to get a different atmosphere.

No wonder if watching a movie is enough to drain the bag. However, you do not need to worry, because there are some tricks you can do to save when watching movies in cinemas.

# 1 Watch on Weekdays
As we know that ticket prices on weekdays and weekends are clearly different. Of course, ticket prices on weekdays or weekdays are cheaper when compared to ticket prices on weekends or weekends.

Therefore, choose a working day to watch movies in cinemas. However, indeed everyone has their own activities. Especially if you are working or studying.

# 2 Choose Cinema Place with the Cheapest Ticket Price
Cinema ticket prices can vary due to different facilities provided by each cinema. Usually, the more expensive the ticket, the more luxurious the facilities provided. These facilities such as the building, the audience bench, the size of the screen and so on.

# 3 Looking for a Ticket Ticket Promo
Usually, for the promotion of a film that has just been released, there are film promoters who hold a quiz with tickets to watch the film for free. It was quite effective to introduce his latest film. You can also use this moment to get free tickets to watch movies.

# 4 Have an e-wallet
Now there are already lots of e-wallets. Usually, the e-wallet provides many promos. One of them is a movie ticket promo. You can try to find out cinema ticket promo tickets offered by e-wallet. However, this promo is usually seasonal in certain periods and there is a validity period.

# 5 Using a Credit Card
If you have a credit card, you can use it to buy cinema tickets. Usually, credit card issuing banks collaborate with the cinema network. That way, then usually watching ticket purchase using a credit card has the promo. For example, discounted ticket prices, or buy one get one free. However, this promo also only exists in certain periods.

So, do you want to start doing tricks watching movies at the cinema? Or do you have tricks to watch movies in other cinemas?

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