West African People Actually Celebrate Voodoo

For people in Benin, Voodoo is a part of nature and human life. The spirits are believed to live together and side by side with humans, and other living creatures. Voodoo practices in Benin are not considered taboo. Even today, Voodoo has become one of the national religions since 1996. So every year, the Voodoo Festival is always celebrated royally and attended by many people. However, if you feel that you’ve already suffered due to a severe voodoo effect, we suggest you try reiki toronto.

In one travel documentary episode “Dark Tourist” also explained that Voodoo is divided into two. Some of them can be good and some can be very evil. Even so, both are believed to provide healing or help the difficulties of their followers. The Voodoo Festival is held at Ouidah, in front of the Gate of Return. Ouidah has a dark history for the people of Benin. It’s because this area was once used as a slave trading post.

Well, this Voodoo Festival is one of the events to commemorate local residents who must be driven out of their country, because they are made slaves and they are trafficked. Voodoo followers also believe that everyone is born Voodoo.

The Voodoo Festival opens with slaughtering goats as a form of respect for the spirits. After that, you will hear the drum beats and drums shouting to one another.

The festival will then be filled with African voices. Then the dancers will start taking place. With their distinctive costumes, they dance traditional dances.

There are also those who dance at will, according to the rhythm of the music. Then not long after, there will be a spirit who comes to join by possessing their bodies.

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